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Greek Olive oil from Crete. Mediterranean diet, direct on your plate and always in unique prices.

ELEOFARM : Cretan olive oil, with the authenticity and the taste from Cretans food diet!

Cretan Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Exceptional, Fresh and Certified!

Cretan olive oil: an ingredient worldwide famous for its outstanding taste, high digestibility.

ELEOFARM is a Cretan company with authentic & awarded Olive Oils in exceptional prices!

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New Harvest, exceptional olive oils by ELEOFARM P.C.

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With the new harvest, we promise one more successful year!


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Exceptional Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Eleofarm P.C.

Eleofarm Olive Oils, a Cretan taste of authenticity!

Eleofarm Olive Oils. Our new promo video.

Welcome to Greece!

ELEOFARM P.C , We're closer than you think! Crete in your plate.

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Authentic Cretan Olive Oil by Eleofarm!

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