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The London AWARDS 2020 is a great marketing tool for any size company, from any country. It was a unique moment to participate in among traditional olive oil world-famous brands and, at the same time, to support your country. We believe that next year we'll be able to participate in all categories and continue to support the Greek olive oil team and the Cretan authentic olive oil.

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It was a big challenge for us to participate in this competition, as it was taking place in the country that we did not know how objective they are in the face of competition. With surprise, we see that, as in London IOOC, the criteria and the control of each sample, was as it should be, fair! So, this year the competition took place with a mixed evaluation system: in the remote evaluation, the international judges in constant communication with each other and with the president and panel leader Dr. Antonio Giuseppe Lauro. For completeness, this panel by an all-Italian juries only. So our award has an even more critical value.

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